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VPOP3 is a compact POP3 & SMTP gateway and server for Windows 95/98/NT. It is specifically designed to allow internal and Internet email for a LAN or single machine with many different types of low cost Internet Provider Accounts.

One of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to communicate with people (customers, suppliers, contacts, friends etc) around the world is by using Internet email.

For a small/medium sized company, having a network Internet email facility can be a real benefit. It can make your company look bigger as well as all the other advantages of email.

However, the main reasons that small and medium sized companies don't have email is because the cost is prohibitive and setting up a network email system can seem very confusing. VPOP3 aims to eliminate or reduce these reasons not to have an Internet email facility.

To use VPOP3 you often do not need an expensive 'business' Internet account, many 'personal' accounts will work just as well, for a fraction of the cost.

VPOP3 runs on a single machine which can connect to your Internet Provider to retrieve and send email to and from the Internet. VPOP3 then determines who each message it gets from the Internet is intended for and places it into their personal 'mailbox' from which they can retrieve it when they want.

All the other machines on your network connect to the machine running VPOP3, so they don't need access to the Internet themselves. Each person uses a standard Internet email reader to get their own email over the network from the VPOP3 machine. They do not have access to other people's email, so privacy is ensured.

Each person can send email from their own machine as well, this mail is sent to the machine running VPOP3 which stores it locally until the next time that it connects to the Internet, when it sends it to your Internet Provider for distribution over the Internet.

For more information, or a Free 5 user 30-day trial please contact us.