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PC/Server Support Service from WSS

Does your business have 1 or more PCs or Servers at your work place?
Are these PCs/Servers relied upon to keep your business working?
When you have PC/Server problems, does this distract you from the activity of running your business?

If this is the situation with your business, WSS can help. We can provide your business with experienced hardware and software engineers that are ready to solve your IT problems for you, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

The service includes an on-site visit approximately once a month, by one of our engineers, plus the contingency of having a dedicated number that you can call should any problems arise. In this situation one of our experienced engineers with either talk you through fixing the problem over the phone in simple easy to understand language, or if possible, by a remote dial up/VPN session where we connect to your network via a secure connection and troubleshoot remotely. If required, we can despatch an engineer to site. We understand that during the working day, you are busy running your business. Because of this, we are quite happy to work outside normal hours to avoid disruption to your business. This is all covered by the service and there are no addition charges for any support work.

Pricing details are attached, however these vary depending on the size of organisation and the amount of hardware to be covered. Why not contact us directly to get an exact idea of what we can cover for you and how much it will cost, you may be surprised how cost effective our services are.

The price plan can be spread over 12 months or made with 1 annual payment, whichever suits your budget or business needs.

We can supply reference site details, of customers who are happy to discuss the services we provide to them to give you assurance of our ability to support the IT required by your business.

Our aim is to allow you to concentrate on your business, by allowing us to concentrate on the IT infrastructure that supports your business.

For more information or for a quote please contact us by phoning either Ian or Sally on 07043 368227 or via email

We offer a business to business referral scheme that directly reduces existing customers maintenance costs if they refer new clients to WSS.

Software/Hardware support costs
First 5 Desktops/laptops, no servers1000100
First 10 Desktops/laptops and 1 server2000180
First 15 desktops/laptops and 2 servers2800260
Additional 5 desktops/laptops60060
Additional server30030

The table above is only a guide to our prices. Each maintenance agreement is tailored to your organisations individual needs.

As part of the setup, there will be a one off charge of 100 to allow us to perform an audit of your infrastructure. This will allow us to be more helpful on the phone and allow us to point out potential problems before they cause a major problem.

These costs do not cover replacement parts. If a hardware maintenance contract is also required, we can provide a competitive quote for complete hardware maintenance as an addition to any existing maintenance agreement.

WSS are also able to provide you with many other services, including server build and install, wireless networking, ADSL and dialup internet access, spam/virus filtering, remote backup, firewall installation and monitoring and many others. Please contact us if any of the above are of interest to your organisation.

All prices are ex VAT.