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WaterSkier Software Ltd. write and supply the following software:-

WaterSkier for Windows
This suite of programs is used to run various types of waterski competition includingtraditional tournaments and a varietly of multi round slalom, figures and jump events.The latest version is the competition management System which allows upto three rounds of any event to be mixed into a single competition.

WaterSkier Software Ltd. supply the following software:-

vPOP3 for Win9x/NT
VPOP3 is a compact POP3 & SMTP gateway and server for Windows 95/98/NT. It is specifically designedto allow internal and Internet email for a LAN or single machine with many different types of lowcost Internet Provider Accounts.

FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP
A networkfax solution for Windows NT that allows all network users to send and receive faxes right from their desktop. FAXmaker for Networks includes clients for Windows 95, NT and 3.x and works with most popular networks and fax/modems. FAXmaker also includes an Email to Fax and Fax to Email gateway,allowing all email users to send and receive faxes from within their favourite email application

WinProxy - The Complete Internet Sharing Solution
WinProxy 3.0 offers the latest technology in Internet connection sharing software, allowing users to connect multiple computers on a network to the Internet through a single point and using their existing service provider.