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WaterSkier for Windows History

It was during the winter of 1987 that the first version of WaterSkier Tournament was written, using GWBasic. Since that time that one program has grown into a suite of programs now currently on version 6.2. The suite now includes 4 round programs for Slalom, Figures and Jump along with a system to allow multi-round multi-discipline events like 2 round slalom and jump events.

WaterSkier Software is now being dragged kicking and screaming into the Windows age, hence the latest arrival in the form of the WaterSkier for Windows suite. The user interface for these system is intended to follow the general rules for windows programs as closely as possible, making it easy to use and understand. The main window behaves in a similar manner to that of many other Windows programs, in that many other windows (called child windows) can be open within the main window (called the Parent window). This allows the user, for example, to open the print window and print the slalom results whilst still entering the Figures results.

WaterSkier for Windows (Multi)

WaterSkier for windows (Multi) is now the only version of the software that is available. The system incorporates multi-round multi-discipline functionality to allow any combination from full Slalom, Figures & Jump to four rounds of Slalom or one round of Slalom, one round of Figures and four rounds of Jump or any other combination of upto four rounds of Slalom & upto four rounds of Figures & upto four rounds of Jump. It has the latest League rules for Overall events included.

At the beginging of this year (2014) a new version will be available that will require the old version to be uninstalled before install the 2014 version.